Directions to our Property


Ironbark Grange is located 60km South of Brisbane and about 20km inland from the Gold Coast. There is very limited public transport to our property so we normall arrange to pick up our helps from Beenleigh. We ask our helps to wait at the Beenleigh Bus Transit Centre. This large area is next to the train station. Please wait in the middle of the large roofed area where the buses arrive.

English: When you arrive by train

When you arrive by train you must walk to the Bus Transit Centre. On one side of the train station is a big car park. On the other side is the Bus Transit Centre. When you leave the train station, walk down the ramp to the tunnel and turn right. Go right at the next ramp back up to the Bus Transit Centre. You will be under a very big roof. Please wait in the middle area to be picked up.

Francais: Quand vous arrivez a la gare

Pour se rendre au point de rendez vous la famille de van Velzen : En arrivant à la gare de Beenleigh : En sortant de la gare vous arrivez sous un pont, sur la gauche il y a un grand parking et sur la droite une route qui monte ; vous prenez à droite, Vous arrivez à un feu et sur votre droite il y a un parking avec un grand abris bus, Allez y et attendez la ….





Italiano: Quando si arriva in treno

Quando si arriva con il treno nella stazione di Beenleigh si deve raggiungere a piedi la stazione degli autobus questa dista poche decine di metri ed e` riconoscibile perche` ha una grande tettoia in metallo sotto la quale gli autobus prelevano le persone per le varie destinazioni . Raggingerla e facile basta lasciarsi la stazione alle spalle prendere le scale che portano ad un tunnel e svoltare a destra.Una volta arrivati nella stazione degli autobus attendete e noi arriveremmo al piu presto.

Real English (USA): When you arrive by train

When yall arrive by train, you're gonna have to find your way to the Bus Transit Center (not centre). Ya can't miss it. Leave the platform, walk down the sketchy tunnel, make a right and walk up the ramp. You should see a big ass roof. Park your carcass on the center bench and wait for pick-up. DO NOT attempt crossing any streets unless you are prepared to end your trip early. They drive on the wrong side of the street.