Spring in the Orchard

Spring in the Orchard

After a great two days of rain we are out in the orchard and are continuing to prune the remaining trees.  Over the last few days we have pruned 4 custard apple trees.  Ann and I had attended a Sub Tropical Fruit Club field day on pruning custard apples over the weekend so I was well prepared to take on these large trees.  At times either myself or one of our current helpers (Marcus or Katja for Germany) were perched three metres or more up in the trees sawing and lopping tree limbs.  It is quite surprising how severe the professional growers are when pruning custard apples and my attempt to reproduce what we had learnt on the weekend resulted in a large amount of material at the base if the trees to act as mulch.

Still working on the chest of drawers also.  Yesterday we dressed the Black Bean cover strips for the rails and styles.  Our helps got to use the drop saw, long bed jointer, thicknesser and table saw.  Everyone survived with all limbs intact.

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