What great weather

What great weather

The temperature has climbed 5 degrees over the last few weeks and it’s wonderful to work outside.  The mornings are still crisp and the air smells great, especially after the rain we have had.

The house rainwater tank and associated plumbing has been fixed.  This involved moving the 500kg, 30,000 litre tank, relaying the crusher dust base and pipes, and then putting the tank back.  A big job that took 6 people to move the tank and not loose it down the hill.

One of our new helpers Marcus has a 6 rotor helicopter that has taken some photos of the house and property.  They are great and are included http://ironbarkgrange.com.au/Aerial-Views.php#content_box

Other activities this week have been coffee picking, pulping and the roasting of previously dried green bean.  Also pruning custard apple trees, table tennis, wood working on the chest of drawers, fertilising of citrus trees, clearing the bottom block for Alex’s birthday party bon fire and camping and preparation for the building of a small retaining wall for the recently fixed rainwater tank.  Katja and I have been to a Salsa dance class and have entertained the rest of the troops with our dancing here at home.

We have a wonderful Australian grasstree (also called a blackboy due to the burned trunk of the tree) that is flowering for the first time.  Marcus has been taking a photo a day since his arrival so that we can put together a time lapse series of photos showing the dramatic flowering of this plant.  Shouldn’t be long now.

We currently have Marcus and Katja from Germany and Frankie and Peggy from HK.

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