The Quack-a-dental Tourist

The Quack-a-dental Tourist

Madelaine has returned from a few weeks holiday on top of beautiful Mt Tamborine.  Somewhat to our surprise she persuaded our nearest neighbour that a holiday was in order and the top of the mountain was an obvious choice.

Madelaine is our duck!  Helpers that have stayed with us know of her endearing and friendly nature, but we were somewhat surprised by her desire to tour the mountain.  One week ago she decided to visit the neighbours while out foraging with the chooks.  She didn’t come that night and the next day our neighbours rang around (but not us) asking if anyone had lost a duck.  Nobody claimed the duck they rang the church which suggested a lovely pond up on the mountain.

Two weeks later, we found Madelaine and she actually waddled over to us when called.  Since then she has been much more restrained in her wanderings.  Though we do find her occasionally on the roof of the house when the chooks get a bit much for her.

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