Super Italian Helper lands at Ironbark Grange

Super Italian Helper lands at Ironbark Grange

Special Italian approach to international relations

As an international Italian Super Helper Matteo is an expert at keeping international relations at a close and personal level.  His experience in this area is in evidence here where he uses a delicate touch to ensure that work progresses at a good pace.

Eagle eye inspection of side kicks work

In disguise here as mild mannered ordinary helper, Matteo keeps his eagle eye on the work in progress and of course one eye on any evil lurking in the back ground.

As a lover of nature Super Matteo is constantly inspecting the animals in his charge.  He is often heard to yell his famous cry “Crickey” as local guests slide in to visit.  And when visiting more remote parts of his territory, no aspect of the forest goes without a thorough inspection.

Matteo and the Serpent

Checking the trees for termites

With Mattieu his trusty side kick the dynamic duo battle evil with all manner of hi-tech gadgets captured in this rare photo of the duo in action.

SM and sidekick battling evil

And finally, after a hard day battling evil, they adopt their mild mannered alternate personna to relax and interact with the locals.



Well, that’s all for this month or so from Ironbark Grange.  Many thanks to Tracy, Celiane, Mia, Angela, Una, Matteo, Mattieu and Melanie

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