Paving the back of the house

Paving the back of the house

An area of the property that required attention, but was a rather daunting task, was the back of the house.  The original intention was to concrete this ground and make it more accessible during wet weather and safer to spot snakes at night.

This is where our clothes lines are, but the access to this area is very restricted due to the hill behind the house and the massive ten tonne boulders we put there to hold back the mountain.  Concreting was going to be a massive task, with lots of preparation and then a concrete pumping truck to get the concrete there.  Pushing a wheel barrow up the hill full of concrete was not an option.  So after much prevarication, obfuscation and a great deal of reluctance I decided to pave the area instead.  Good decision, I hear you say, but I needed a new set of skills….never done paving before….how hard could it be?

Five tones of sand, road base and three and a half thousand pavers later, the result is not too bad.  Many thanks to Martin, Andrew and Julia for their help and high standards of work.

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