Honey Honey

Honey Honey

After much delay we finally got around to inspecting the bee hive at the back of the shed.  It had been about eight months so I was expecting the hive to have some honey for robbing.

The hive is currently very strong.  I have left the bees with two brood boxes so that there was plenty of space for expansion of the hive with young in Spring.  Above the Queen Bee Exclude I had two Supers for honey production.

To my delight, both Supers were full.  We were able to take one complete supper off and replaced it with two empty.  The hive beetle pest was present, but under control and there didn’t appear to be any wax moth lavae….a major pest.

Romain and Pierre, two French Helpers, where there to assist in the extraction process.

This was somewhat delayed, because the home built honey extractor control unit blew up after extracting only one frame.  A huge ant nest inside the electronic controller, together with various beatles and a fairly large white tail spider were the cause.  After a rebuild over a few days, the extraction continued.

We extracted thirty kilos of honey, which is mainly from Spotted Gum and Ironbark Eucalypt tree nectar.  A really tasty honey without being overly sweet.

While carrying the thirty kilo bucket of honey in one hand and other items in the other, I staggered up to the house along the steep house path.  To my shock, I almost stepped on a snake that attempted to bite me…..after a really manly (not) scream and a quick stagger with my load to the right, the snake (a yellow faced whip snake) decided I wasn’t worth the effort.  Luckily, its mate, an even bigger yellow faced whip snake, only a metre away, made the same decision.

I made a relaxing cup of tea as soon as I was inside; with honey of course.

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