Cheese Making

Cheese Making

We had another cheese making day at Ironbark Grange.  Lots of cheese and a long day, but we all had fun.  Our current helpers Tracy (Kiwi), Celiane (French) and Una (Taiwan) had a full day making Camembert , Romano, Cheddar, Bocconcinni and Ricotta.  All went well except for the Bocconcinni which is now an experimental new form of cheese with a working name of “Kiwicinni”.  We worked the curd for too long and it didn’t become elastic…we know for next time.

We started with 60 litres of fresh pasteurised A2 milk and have about 7kg of finished product.  The Chamembert are starting to develop white mould already (a good thing) and the Romano has been dipped in our bees wax for longer term storage.  The cheddar is vacuum packed, just for something different.  We will wait awhile to see how the Kiwicinni develops.

The pictures show various stages of the process.

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